2014 Goals

2014 Goals

  • Keep Seasons Trace Beautiful
  • Power Wash Townhouses
  • Re-side 8 Townhouse Units (Summer East)
  • Re-pave Autumn Trace (July 15th-16th 2014)
  • Update Covenants
  • Update Assessments
  • Critically Review Service Contracts
  • Present a well thought out budget
  • Replace railroad ties (those in the worst condition)

To contact the board please email: board@sthoa-maintenance.com

Season’s Trace HOA

Welcome to the Season’s Trace Homeowner’s Association website. ┬áThe STHOA serves the 186 homes and townhouses that make up the multi-family section of the neighborhood.


Here you can connect with the STHOA board, submit a comment or request.